63 Years Of Water Revolution
When the Nation chose to be content with GI pipes for their water needs, we were compelled in our spirit to stand ...

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Back in the old days, when water was taken directly from the rivers and drainage was mostly just a path dug in the ground, plumbing was in the most basic form. It didn’t use the variety of pipes we use today, nor did it have specific conditions that plumbers in Sri Lanka have to meet. But with the advancing technology and the growing infrastructure, plumbing services in Sri Lanka have changed a lot. As Sri Lanka is a tiny island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, proper disposal of sewage is always a priority. It should not pollute the lakes and rivers nor end up killing sea life. To control this, the local municipalities have set strict guidelines for every house and building constructed. 

In homes plumbing is mostly the pipes that direct water throughout the house and those that transfer waste to the pit and drains outside. When they fill up, the local municipality offers drainage services that you can make use of for a fee. But the basics in the house should first be designed accurately. There are different types of plumbing accessories used when setting up these systems. Each one of them differs based on the property type and space. The bigger the house is, the more advanced the plumbing system gets. Plumbing is one of the most complicated parts of a house. And unlike the other services, it is not something you can DIY. If you take the chance and try to experiment with it, there’s a high probability that you would be loosening a screw or two. This is why you need to hire an expert for it.

Finding the right plumbers in Sri Lanka to do your plumbing work in your home is important. But with many plumbers offering their services in the market, sometimes it gets difficult to select. Especially if it is your first time working with one, it is best that you search through reliable sites advertising these services or get recommendations from someone close to you. You should also keep in mind that though there are many plumbers in the market, there aren’t many who are great at their job. If something goes wrong with your plumbing and you’ve selected the wrong person for the job, it could damage your entire house. Water could start seeping into the walls, you’ll find the paint peeling off and the entire stability of the walls holding the house together might also be affected. To prevent this, start on the right foot from the beginning.