From dried leaves to asbestos, slates and tiles, over the years the materials used for roofing have evolved. They are designed in a way where the interior of the house remains cool despite the changing weather and ensure the house is safe from rain or shine. But when selecting among these ranges of roofing materials and roofing solutions in Sri Lanka, home owners pay attention to detail as well. Since modern homes are designed according to specific styles, even details like metal roofing sheets, clay tiles and other roofing options are carefully selected. This way they match the design of the house and complement the overall look. 

Nowadays most roofing suppliers who are aware of these also design such tiles and roofing materials in different colours. The colours of these materials add an extra touch to the design of the house while also serving its primary purpose. Wood that is a common roofing material used in most homes is one of the most aesthetically pleasing elements as well. They add a natural touch to the home and upgrade its entire look to seem rustic and eco friendly. But what’s negative about it is that they have a short life span and are high maintenance. In contrast, concrete roofing solutions in Sri Lanka require less effort to maintain and are more durable.

When selecting among these different roofing supplies for your home focus on wind and fire resistance if you are living in an area prone to natural disasters. Other factors like its durability, cost and style also should be considered in the process. Your home is a one time investment, and the roofing plays a big part in holding it together. It prevents water from seeping into it and protects your home from damage. Therefore, when selecting the material you’re going to use for it, carefully think through your options and how much safety it will guarantee to your home.