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A swimming pool in a home that was once a luxury is now almost common as a yard or parking space. But despite its advancements still most Colombo houses don’t have swimming pools even with the large number of swimming pool construction in Sri Lanka taking place. This is mainly because of the lack of space rather than budget. With the widely advanced infrastructure and other facilities, the land space available for houses is limited. In contrast, the apartments in Colombo and holiday homes in famous holiday destinations of the country are designed with the most beautiful pools. Some overlook the mountains, and others face the seas. 

There are different kinds of swimming pools that have been used in construction and design. Of them all, the infinity pools are a favourite of many and a frequent sight in many high end luxury resorts and hotels. They have the natural scenic views of the area as a backdrop and create an illusion of an endless pool. But to allow everyone to enjoy the comfort of these, swimming pool construction companies design these in a way where there is a shallow and deep end. This balances out the water distribution in the pool and supports the entire design of it. 

The cost for a swimming pool construction can vary based on the firm taking up the project and the design requested. When constructing these pools, the ground should be dug to a depth of at least 6 feet. This depth also depends on the number of people expected to be allowed to swim at the same time. For a family of 6 to 8 people, swimming pool construction companies in Sri Lanka recommend a size of 18 x 36 foot pool. To fit this size, the pool should be designed according to a rectangular shape and should be spacious enough for people to swim and play.