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    • Moratuwa
    • 8
    • 1
    • Annexe

      Rs. 20,000 Per Month

    Annexe for rent in Moratuwa

    Weda mawatha,Gorakana, Moratuw..

    • Yakkala
    • 7
    • 1
    • 1000 sqft
    • Annexe

      Rs. 25,000 Per Month

    Annex rent in Yakkala

    Weeragula Road, Yakkala

    • Pita Kotte
    • 4
    • 1
    • 600 sqft
    • Annexe

      Rs. 23,000 Per Month

    Annexe For Rent

    MISSION ROAD, Pita Kotte

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    Annex for Rent in Sri Lanka

    If there was one island that you absolutely have to visit in the south asian region that would be sri lanka. From the traditional culture that has been embedded into every form of living and architecture, sri lanka boasts a diversity of multiethnic persons who all form the sri lankan identity. Visiting the country on the other hand would have a lot of adventures and experiences awaiting you. But to be able to enjoy them the true sri lankan way, it is recommended that you engage more with the locals. Although the language of sinhala is the mother tongue for most sri lankans, English is a language that many grow up with. Being native speakers from birth, most sri lankans even tend to find English much more comfortable than their own mother tongue. So there is really no need to worry about communication barriers. 

    Find your home in the downstairs of a 2 storey house that is to be rented out if you are with a group of friends or look for cheap rooms for rent that don't necessarily require months of advance and have spacious bedroom and an attached bath that is just perfect for a solo trip.  Rooms for rent in the country are in fact quite openly available because of the growing demand by youth who are from the outskirts and living in colombo. The inner hilly areas of the country on the other hand offer larger spaces for stays that are especially designed for large crowds. So if you are travelling to nuwara eliya or bandarawela, particularly do inquire on houses with spacious bathrooms, living areas or a large living room, for a small family close to the residential areas of the city. Even if you aren't necessarily the 'small family', the spaces available would be much more luxurious for a group of 5 than an annex for rent or houses for rent

    To enjoy the most of a particular place you need to actually spend at least 3 to 5 days there. Especially in sri lanka you never know what you would be missing out on tomorrow because you left too early today! Things just aren't always planned, they happen rather spontaneously. So keeping an eye for these is probably the best way you can make the most of any trip here. Whether you want to own an annex for a month or two or simply rent an annex for three days or whether you are looking for a place that has been renovated after the previous tenant and has attached bathrooms and is situated in a highly residential area, knowing where to look for one is a challenge in itself. Some might claim to have bathrooms, living rooms, pantry and whatnot but the reality might be far from it. So do your research and look up on trusted property sites and read reviews to find your ideal holiday home!