Properties for Rent in Jaffna (17 properties)


2 /pics/317074/thumb_424_317074_1571921170_0327.jpeg  House for sale/rent

  • 3   House

    Rs. 375,000 Per Month

Showroom office space in Jaffna

Stanley road Jaffna

    Property Stanley Roadbr A wonderful spacious property to occupy at its best A building which is suitable for ...  more »

4 /pics/313812/thumb_424_313812_1570094926_7999.jpg  Commercial for sale/rent

  • 5000 sq.ft.   Multipurpose

    Rs. 350,000 Per Month

Showroom space in Jaffna

Stanley road Jaffna

    JAFFNA BUSINESS CENTREbr br Commercial Space for lease in Jaffnabr JBC Located on the corner of Stanly road an...  more »

6 /pics/311209/thumb_424_311209_1568612074_0051.jpg  Commercial for sale/rent

  • 5000 sq.ft.   Shop space

    Rs. 300,000 Per Month

Commercial space for rent

Stanley road Jaffna

    Commercial Space for lease in Jaffnabr br br ...  more »

    Newly built 
8 /pics/298464/thumb_424_298464_1560856520_5025.jpg  House for sale/rent

  • 2   House

    Rs. 5,000 Per Day

DVilla Beach House

Point Pedro Ponnalai Road Uran..

    DVilla Beach Housebr br Your Share of Sun Sand Funbr br Our objective is to provide reasonable accom...  more »

    Newly built 
10 /pics/272651/thumb_424_272651_1544175731_4626.JPG  Room for sale/rent

  • 5+   Room

    Rs. 3,500 Per Day

DVilla Garden House

148 Kachcheri East Lane Jaffna

    DVilla Garden House offers comfortable accommodations in Jaffna for local international touristsbr br Our ful...  more »

    Newly built 
11 /pics/272648/thumb_424_272648_1544175092_1989.jpg  Room for sale/rent

  • 5   Room

    Rs. 2,500 Per Day

DVilla Guest House

DVilla Guest House Fixed Telep..

    Our Vision is to make our guest to feel at home in Jaffna So we made it highly comfortable for you to feel yo...  more »

13 ../images/no_pic.png

  • 2   Room


Rooms for rent

Nallur Jaffna

    Walking distance to Nallur templeJust 100br Two rooms with separate Washroom and Kitchen br Very silent and ca...  more »

    Newly built 
14 ../images/no_pic.png

  • 5+   Room

    Rs. 3,600 Per Day

Room For Rent

Vembadi Street Jaffna

    All rooms ae attached bathrooms very spacious rooms and all rooms in king size bed spring bed ...  more »

    Newly built 
15 ../images/no_pic.png

  • 1   Room

    Rs. 2,500 Per Month

room rent for ladies

Kopai jaffna poitpedro road Ja..

    near to kopay teaching college college of education irupalai neervrly urumpirai kondavilthirunelvely and nal...  more »

16 ../images/no_pic.png

  • 2   House


Rent for house

Adiyapatham Road Jaffna

    House at Thirunelvely available for Studentsgirls or working girls 2 Rooms 2 attached bathrooms 2 Halls Ki...  more »

17 ../images/no_pic.png

  • 4   House

    Rs. 1,000 Per Month

House in Jaffna for rentlease

Waddukoddai Jaffna

    A house with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms available for rent or lease Situated near Jaffna College Rent is neg...  more »

Properties for Rent in Jaffna

Situated facing the Palk Bay in the great Indian Ocean on the largest peninsula of Jaffna has given this mighty city a unique advantage, helping it to become one of the fastest-growing cities in the island. With a long history and a now thriving economy, this zone is heading into the future with plenty of potential that could even make some of the other cities in the country jealous, of its newfound success. As a result, the region's local real estate industry has experienced a boom in recent years, with properties for rent in Jaffna taking the front stage. While this can include the huge diversity of houses for rent in Jaffna as well as residential apartments, it can also include developed land properties offered for both buying and for lease, which are now some of the most sort-after properties seen in the country. 

Nevertheless, you might be a newbie property hunter, an investor or a Sri Lankan expat, who is currently looking for properties in Jaffna for rent or sale. However, remember that there are important factors to consider before you decide to spend your money on a property located here. For example, let's consider that you are a residential property seeker who is currently looking for a large house situated in the heart of Jaffna town that comes with air conditioned bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a sit out modern kitchen. If so, then why not check out one of the newly built apartments for rent in Jaffna that might offer even better features for you. However, if what you are looking for is a house situated in Chunnakam Jaffna large garden available 02 rooms and 2 bath attached bathrooms built on a 10 perches land, then look close to KKS road for the best opportunities. 

Regardless, it might also be that you are currently searching for a house wanted for rent in Jaffna, a fully furnished house for rent that includes 02 rooms are ac fully tiled kitchen. In such a case, you might have better opportunities to discover a more affordable property if you look through the neighbourhoods of Karainagar located on Karaitivu Island. However, if you are looking for a house situated close to Jaffna college rent, ideally in walking distance to a bus stop. Then look for a property located within 1 km from the Vaddukkoddai Junction for the best deals. On the other hand, if you are an investor looking for a comercial property for rent in Jaffna and lands for sale in Jaffna, a property for long term rent or lease situated within 15 minutes from the railway station, then look for a property in hospital street to find what you want.