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Loan Type Up to 5 Years Up to 10 Years Above 10 Years
Privilege H/L 8.50% p.a N/A N/A
General H/L N/A 9% p.a 10% p.a
Professional H/L N/A 8.75% p.a 9.75% p.a

Loan Amount
Rs. 000,000
Interest Rate
Your estimated monthly payment:
Equal Reducing
Rs. 00.000 Rs. 00.000
Total payable (Capital + Interest)
Equal Reducing
Rs. 1,875,000 Rs. 1,875,000

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The values shown above are estimates only. The interest rate applied for the above calculation is the 5 year fixed housing loan interest rate and is subject to the assignment of salary to the bank. The final interest rate will be determined by the bank upon receipt of your supporting documents and evaluation.

Q & A

Q 1.What are the Documents needed?

  • Personal
    • Loan Application
    • Letter from the employer confirming Employment, Salary & Deductions with the undertaking that the salary will be remitted to the account at Commercial bank.
    • Bank statements of other banks for the past 06 months, if salary is not being credited to Commercial bank account at present.
    • Salary slips for past 03 months.
  • Property
    • Copy of the transfer deed
    • Copy of the survey plan depicting right of way
    • Copy of the approved Building Plan (to purchase /construct a house)
    • Certificate of Conformity (COC) (to purchase a house)
    • BOQ (estimate) for the construction
    • Local Authority Documents obtained within last 06 months (Street line certificate, Non vesting report, Certificate of Ownership)
    • Names of the Grama Niladhari Wasam & the Divisional Secretariat applicable to the land (to be incorporated in the Mortgage Bond).
 Home Loan Calculator

Today with the rising prices of materials and land, financing a house completely through your own money is not a luxury that many can afford. There is also the risk of losing your entire savings if you purchase the wrong property. This when the option of obtaining a home loan comes into play. The limit for a mortgage loan differs from bank to bank, along with the interest rates charged. However, the upper and lower limits are regulated by the Central Bank and commercial banks and financial institutions have to still abide by these. Yet, to maintain competition within themselves and attract borrowers, many customize their policies with various offers and discounts.

"A basic home loan from any bank offers you a capital amount and charges an interest in return. They divide this total value into instalments and then further offer monthly payment amounts. But the question that remains lingering in a borrower’s mind is whether or not he can afford it. Though this would’ve been answered differently years ago, now you can check this out for yourself by simply adjusting values on an online home loan calculator. You can apply for a housing loan to construct a brand new house, to renovate a house, to complete a partially built house or even settle a housing loan obtained from another financial institution.

Banks calculate the instalment for these housing loans in 2 main ways. They are the equated monthly instalment and the reducing balance method. According to the equated monthly instalment, a fixed amount should be repaid throughout the amortization period. However, with the reducing balance method since the interest to be paid is revised according to the market, your monthly instalment may vary. You can choose between the two when applying for your loan. But we recommend you consider the market interest fluctuations before confirming one. This is because most banks don’t allow changes later on. But when you are selecting one, always consider the bank's policies, your financial status and how much you can afford and other details that could impact your repayment.