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    Rs. 19.2M

Serviced Luxury Ocean Suites In Mirissa

Sunanda Road Mirissa

    An Unmatched Real Estate Investment Proposition for the Ideal Holiday Home that incurs No Costs while Guarante...  more »

    Newly built  Swimming pool
2 /pics/306058/thumb_424_306058_1566456432_8848.jpg Apartment
 Pita Kotte 

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    Rs. 19.25M

Ru Residencies Kotte 03 Bedroom Apartments

Colambathanthri Mawatha Pita K..

    Ru Residencis Kotte is conveniently located just off Kotte Rajagiriya Road on Colambathanthri Mawatha in Close...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
4 /pics/242676/thumb_424_242676_1581579364_4771.jpg Apartment

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    Rs. 32.23M

Araliya Terrace Nugegoda

Pagoda Road Nugegoda

    Apartments Completed and Ready to Move InAraliya Terrace off Pagoda Road Nugegoda is a private and exclusive r...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
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 Colombo 5 

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    Rs. 25M

Kings Garden Residencies

Rajawatta Terrace Seibel Avenu..

    Kings Garden Residencies The architectural personalities that ply their trade in our firm each puts forth a pl...  more »

    Newly built  Swimming pool

Apartments for Sale in Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich real estate sector. Houses with three bedroom apartments, apartments, and lands are freely available in every part of the country catering to those with housing needs. The growing tourism industry has also created an entirely different market that the country wouldn't have speculated in the past. Many tourists visiting the country during the holidays end up falling for it so hard, that home becomes Sri Lanka. Taking this unique housing needs into account, developing cities and centers of business like Colombo, Kandy, Wattala, and Galle are gaining popularity for vertical living with rising property developers. However, the question of 'Can foreigners buy apartments in Colombo' remains uncertain to many. The local law, in fact, does allow foreigners to luxury apartments in sri lanka. However, there is a limitation for lands. Due to this reason, the Apartments in Sri Lanka are built to offer all living amenities anyone could possibly need and are given out on long term as well as short term stays. Based on what your requirement is, you can choose between apartments for rent in sri lanka or apartments for sale in Sri Lanka.


If convenience, high quality facilities and luxury living is what you look for, then getting luxury apartments for sale in the center of the business hub; Colombo is the best option. People who usually buy apartments are prime group buyers and investors who are either looking to live there on a long term basis with their families or they intend to rent out these serviced apartments as a secondary source of income. While you will find many luxurious apartments in Sri Lanka which includes 1 bedroom apartments as well; especially in the urban cities and the hub of true convenience, you will also find 1 bedroom apartments for sale on apartment booking sites that target the middle economy crowd as well. 

The price may be higher than renting furnished apartments in Sri Lanka or purchasing land for sale in sri lanka and houses for sale in sri lanka. But the benefits are endless. Not only do you have a sense of ownership to the property, but it is also found to be a better investment in the long run. Just as renting, when you see sri lanka apartments for sale on apartment sites, it is necessary to consider factors like mortgage, facilities provided, convenience and where the apartment for sale is located in Sri Lanka. With the right selection and a good real estate, you are just a step away from having your dream home!