Apartments for Sale in Gampaha

As one of the wealthiest regions in Sri Lanka, Gampaha can certainly be noted as a zone filled with opportunities to work as well as invest. For the few decades after the country gained its independence from the British Empire, areas that belong to this district saw exponential growth in investments and financial activities. Its unique position as a neighbouring region to the economic heart of Colombo undoubtedly seems to have had an elevating effect. One factor that highlights Gampaha as an economic hub can be emphasised within the number of industrial zones located here. These zones include some of Sri Lanka's most productive manufacturing and processing areas. From all, the most important can be highlighted as the Biyagama export processing zone. Commenced in 1985, it covers an area of 180 acres and provides facilities to some of the most prominent manufacturing businesses found in Sri Lanka. 

Apart from this, another region can be denoted as the Katunayake export processing zone. Commenced in 1978, the region covers a total area of 531 acres and provides employment for around 40,000 workers belonging to various industries. These industrial zones have contributed to the rising demand for lands for sale in Gampaha for the past few decades. Due to the favourable circumstances that are found in Gampaha has resulted in a large workforce migrating here. Because of this, a notable demand for the residential properties offered mostly for buying can be seen. From the assortment of residential properties found here ranging from apartments in gampaha or a house for sale near Gampaha town to a villa house built near the Kelani River, one of the most requested can be identified as the apartments for sale in Gampaha. 

Presented with an array of amenities, these luxurious apartments are equipped with features that include alarm systems, living room, secure parking as well as outdoor entertainment areas for the usage of its potential occupants. If you are a residential property seeker searching for a houses for sale in Gampaha, particularly a brand new house, then you should pay attention to the following factors for a better decision. It is best to note that the cities and towns of Negombo, Kadawatha, Wattala and Ja-Ela offer the highest diversity of such properties within this district. Apart from the properties that are presented for buying, a number of residences can also be obtained for rent, such as an apartment for rent in Gampaha, available for a monthly or annual fee.