Houses for Sale in Kottawa (39 properties)


Houses for Sale in Kottawa

Situated around 20 km away from the city of Colombo, the financial capital and the largest city of Sri Lanka, is the city of Kottawa. This city has managed to make a name for itself as one of the top suburban regions in the Colombo District to find apartments or houses for rent in Kottawa. In fact, when it comes to buying a house Kottawa is considered a top-tier destination in the district. The region has certainly seen considerable developments for the past few decades with important infrastructure development programs being completed here to improve its status as a competent residential and financial municipality in the western part of Sri Lanka. For example, one such development program that was carried out was the enlargement of the town centre of this area, making it more accessible to commuters using both private and public modes of transport to travel in and out of this zone. 

Apart from that, it should also be mentioned that this municipality is one of the few urban regions in Sri Lanka that is directly connected through a railway line thanks to the railway station that is situated adjacent to the city centre. This allows the residents here to travel across the country without spending a lot of money in the process. It is no secret that this city located in the Colombo District, is now a favourite among local property seekers. This is especially true with regard residential property seekers who want to find apartments for sale in Kottawa or houses sale in Kottawa for a competitive price. While the excellent level of infrastructure in this zone is certainly a factor that has boosted the demand for houses for sale in Kottawa, a few other factors have also contributed to making this a real estate hotspot in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. 

One of such is that it is surrounded by several cities that are also famous for having a thriving localised real estate industry. For example, the most notable among these is the city of Maharagama, which is famous for being a gateway to the Kottawa houses for sale that offers plenty of amenities. Another one of these is the urban region of Thalawathugoda that is also fast becoming popular among new property seekers who are on the lookout for lands for sale in Kottawa.