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    Houses for Rent in Kelaniya

    Kelaniya has come a long way since its spiritual beginnings to become one of the fastest-growing modern cities that we can see in contemporary Sri Lanka. One of the main reasons for this modern development is due to this city being connected through highways, expressways and railroads. The central railway station in this area, the Kelaniya Railway Station is situated in walking distance to the Colombo - Kandy road. This allows the residents of this city to travel across the country, without spending more on expensive transportation services. Because of these excellent infrastructure conditions, the regions real estate industry has also experienced a boom, especially in recent years. As such, properties, specifically residential properties ranging from multi story houses for rent in Kelaniya to simple rooms for rent in Kelaniya, have become some of the most demanded property types seen anywhere on the island. 

    If you are looking for houses for rent in Kelaniya, then remember that there are important aspects to consider before you spend your money. For example, let's assume that you are looking for a house for rent in Kelaniya Waragoda road with 30 mins drive to Colombo newly build house, ideally a newly build house walking distance from Kandy road 50 meters to a bus stop. If so, then a property located in Dalugama might be your best choice. We should also understand that this region is not just famous for its residential properties. On the contrary, if we consider that you are currently looking for houses to sell in Waragoda or close by neighbourhoods, but do not have the money, then why not play the long game and go for one of the lands for sale in Kelaniya that can offer you a great deal of value for money. 

    On the other hand, if you are a university student who is looking for an affordable house rent in Kelaniya to Waragoda area or rooms for rent in Kiribathgoda town, then remember to check out the annex for rent in Kelaniya that might offer more features while fitting into your price range. What if you are looking for a newly built house for rent Kelaniya Polhena with a large dining room, a bath room and 2 bed rooms. If this is what you want, then look through the properties close to the Galboralla Junction to find what you want. However, it might also be that you are a professional who is looking for a house for rent in Kelaniya Kiribathgoda, a property with 2 bedrooms and a fully tiled attached bathroom. In this case, remember to check out the properties located in Kiribathgoda Makola road that might offer you the best opportunities.