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    Apartments for Rent in Mount Lavinia

    If there was one place on the island that could give you the best of both worlds, that would be Mount Lavinia Sri Lanka. With the chill beach vibe and the busy city vibe at the same time this area has earned a growing demand for houses for rent in mount lavinia, lands for sale in mount lavinia and apartments for sale in mount lavinia all at the same time! Whether it is a fully furnished house with a bed room sea view fully air conditioned and with a large dining area, living room and swimming pool walking distance from the galle road for a short stay or a luxurious apartment that is brand new, Mount Lavinia has you covered with a range of property available for sale or rent.  The golden miles of sandy beaches, hospitable people and the mount lavinia hotel are some of the highlights in this city. You can't also forget the new and upcoming global franchises that are growing in the area and ideal to snack from while you enjoy your stay at holiday apartments in mount lavinia. 

    However, for a customer, this is probably the best place to experience foods of renowned global brands while also snacking on a local kothu and purchasing groceries from super markets at the same time. The area also offers visitors a chance to experience one of the most unique experiences during the season of March. Thus making it worthy of finding rooms for rent in mount lavinia. The big match fever in Sri Lanka is a special event all too famous in the country to be taken lightly. In fact it is a huge fever that not only the schoolboys playing and cheering look forward to, but so do the old boys, and the girls that have seemingly divided themselves in to supporting particular schools! The Roy-Tho parade however is one that stands out from the rest and has raised the bar for many. It has also indirectly led to the worth of property in the area increasing without even intending to, given that the famous St. Thomas College - the school by the sea with the railway station on the side - is situated in Mount Lavinia!   

    And so, the increasing demand for fully equipped property in this residential area by individuals and businesses at the same time has led to a rising competition of marketing and purchasing such properties. While some property agents design videos of this property to further increase the competition, others rely on promoting the area through the surrounding landscapes like the mount lavinia beach. Brand new and completed apartments are also available for sale or rent for individuals and investors equally looking for spaces completed in april 2019 with free wifi, fully furnished luxury, ocean view and in close proximity conveniently located on the beach road. However as the demand for such apartments is always on the rise especially during the vacation seasons, you might want to view apartments for short stays on the 6th floor with a roof top and within the Dehiwala Mount Lavinia region. But if you are one to invest in these apartments for short term rent in mount lavinia as an additional source of income by renting it out again to others, keeping up to date with the latest updates in the area is a habit you would have to develop. After all given the paradise that Sri Lanka is known to be in the Indian ocean, it is almost difficult to secure property anywhere!