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  • 2   Annexe

    Rs. 28,000 Per Month

House For rent in Pannipitiya

Kendahenawatha Rd Pannipitiya

    Up stair one 02 Rooms Attached Bathroom fully tiled Separate Electricity Parking Space Borella Kottawa bus ...  more »

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  • 2   Annexe

    Rs. 35,000 Per Month

upstair annexe

mahalwarawa road Pannipitiya

    two bed room upstair annex with facilities 200m to highlevel road close to highways3073 mahalwarawa roadpannip...  more »

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  • 1   Annexe

    Rs. 20,000

Annex at Pannipitiya

6052Wiliam Perera MawathaHighl..

    In between pannititiya and moraketiya Junctions 100 meter from High level Road Fully tiled living room one be...  more »

    Swimming pool

Properties for Rent in Pannipitiya

When it comes to properties for rent in Pannipitiya, there are residential and commercial property in the market. Houses for rent in Pannipitiya are in the form of luxury houses and semi-luxury houses. Rental market plays a major role in many parts of the country because it facilitates short term stay for both locals and foreigners alike. Other reasons also encourage people to look for residential properties in Pannipitiya for rent. Jobs and education are factors that motivate people to move to another area. At other times, financial reasons also make leasing more attractive. A 3 bed room house for rent in Pannipitiya is available on rent for Rs. 45,000. It is a fully tiled two storied house with 2 bathrooms. On the other hand, a house for rent in Depanama, Pannipitiya has 5 bed rooms, spacious living room, dining area, 1 bath room for servants and covers 4,500 sq. ft. The monthly rent is Rs. 125,000. It is located in close proximity to popular supermarkets, banks, schools and retail outlets. A large garage, attached bath rooms, big rooms and modern kitchen with pantry cupboards are specifications that attract higher demand. Most of these properties offer a lovely porch, kitchen with pantry, bedrooms with attached bathroom and car park in Pannipitiya.

For couples and small families an annex for rent in Pannipitiya is just as good a complete house. A single bedroom annex in High Level Road comes for Rs. 20,000 per month. It has a living room, car porch, kitchen and 1 bathroom. For Rs. 25,000, an annex is available for rent with 2 bedrooms in Polwatta Road. An annex usually requires a security deposit just like other properties. Rooms and boarding places are also a popular short-term and affordable modes of accommodation. These are ideal for students and the working population. For instance, an upstairs room for men is available for Rs. 7,000 per person in Bogahawatta Road. It offers a separate kitchen and pantry, a bath room, car porch for 2 vehicles and is located 500 meters from the 138 bus route. Meanwhile, a boarding place with 10 separate rooms comes for Rs. 6,000-8,000 per person. This is ideal for female tenants. A comfortable living area, 1 bath room attached in each room and separate pantry offer tenants more privacy. This is true for annexes for rent in Depanama Pannipitiya and other parts of this suburb too.

Apartments for rent in Pannipitiya is another possible option to consider. A beautiful house with a spacious living and dining room comes for Rs. 24,200 per week. It is fully furnished with a large garden in a highly residential area. Some apartments are rented out as separate upper floor or down floor only. A single story house with 2 bed rooms, big hall as living and dining area as well as kitchen with separate pantry can be rented out for Rs. 40,000 per month. It is situated 250 meters from High Level Road. In terms of commercial properties, populated areas are ideal for businesses. Access to banks, bus stops and parking are important factors. A multipurpose property covering a total of 5,000 sq. ft. is put up for long term lease. Its rate is Rs. 75 per sq. feet. It is also possible to use a house for rent in Kottawa Pannipitiya areas for business uses if the down floor can be converted to a shop or an office. A big hall, BR, garage and tiled floor, only pantry cupboards suitable as a kitchenette are good enough to be used for commercial purposes too. Overall, due to the quiet residential nature of this city, houses for rent in Kalalgoda Pannipitiya and Kottawa are in high supply.