4 Room

  • 2  Room

    Rs. 8,000 Per Month

Room for ladies


    Location rajagiriya town close main bust stand and keels super rooms and sharing available Starting price 7500...  more »

Rooms for Rent in Rajagiriya

Deciding to move out from your childhood home and experience the world is a huge step in any person's life. This step could be for the best or the worst depending on how well you prepare for it. Moving to a city you have never been a part of and only heard of can sometimes end up with making wrong choices. Therefore, researching and spending some time in person before completely moving down is necessary. This will help you grasp more on the reality of the place rather than relying on assumptions. Amongst the many housing options available, rooms for rent in rajagiriya, boarding places in rajagiriya or boarding rooms in rajagiriya and annex or room rent in rajagiriya are options to choose from. Rent in Sri lanka may vary for such housing options depending on what you choose. While an annex for rent in rajagiriya might be cheaper than the cheap hotel rooms in rajagiriya, the facilities promised could vary extently. 

A fully furnished single room for rent in rajagiriya in an annex, might have an attached bathroom, water and electricity and more space than the group  boarding places in nawala rajagiriya. However they might require the payment of key money and strict payments on monthly rent. While the hotels on the other hand charge high daily rates. Therefore always comparing options and then selecting based on your budget is essential. Real estate in this residential area are a range of choices to choose from for obvious reasons. Given that is also a highly dense area with a lot of demand for property sometimes finding decent boarding rooms in rajagiriya obesekarapura or house for rent in rajagiriya is a big deal! 

The thing about property is that unless you are well versed with the market there is no chance in scoring the best places to live in. While a boarding house in rajagiriya or bodin house in rajagiriya might seem like a great option for short term stay, for those looking to permanently settle down these aren't the best choices. At those moments rather than purchasing a house straight off a great choice would be to consider land for sale in rajagiriya. This will let you build the house of your dreams according to your budget and style!