9 House

  • 4  House

    Rs. 80,000 Per Month

House for Rent

Averiwatte Road Wattala

    Two storey house for rent with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths Hall Pantry Kitchen Servants washroom Courtyard Lobby 2 ...  more »

12 House

  • 4  House

    Rs. 3,000 Per Day

House with balcony

22 alwis watta Hekitta wattal..

    House for rent in wattala Vaguely used Discreet area Close to petrol shed Hemas hospitals and many other e...  more »

    Luxury Specs 
13 House

  • 2  House

    Rs. 30,000 Per Month

House for Rent

1786Matagoda Road Wattala

    kerawalapitiya RoadClose to Highway entranceLyceumOKI Hemas HospitalSuitable for couple or small familyParking...  more »

Houses for Rent in Wattala

Houses for rent in Wattala are ideal for a peaceful lifestyle in close proximity to a wide range of modern amenities. An unfurnished house with 2 bedrooms and attached bathrooms is the average size of a House for Rent in Wattala. A large house with a spacious living area, 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a highly residential area suits a bigger family. Most of these multi-storied luxury houses are newly built with superior tiles, kitchen with pantry and bathrooms with hot water facilities. When it comes to house rent, Wattala provides a range of options to suit different budgets. A house for rent or annex for rent in Wattala starts from Rs. 18,000 and goes up to approximately Rs. 80,000 based on the number of bed rooms, area and state of the overall house. An annex is likely to have a seperate entrance and utility meters. A two story house can be rented out in two units with the ground floor separated. And the upstairs house for rent in wattala alwis town can be leased out to another family. 

The rental also varies between furnished and fully furnished houses. In Sri Lanka, people fall into different income groups but to rent houses, Wattala can fulfil the demands of any levels of affordability. Most tenants prefer a large living room, modern kitchen with pantry cupboards and at least a 3 bed room house. Such tastes can be easily matched in the property market. Just like a house for sale in Wattala, the houses for rent in Wattala and house for rent in hendala wattala also offer great facilities. There are modern luxury houses for rent in Hendala and other parts of Wattala with a living room, dining room, kitchen with pantry cupboards in good surroundings. House for rent in mabola wattala or house for rent in enderamulla wattala can be rented out on either long term or short term basis. These are fully tiled houses with attached bathrooms. The owners and tenants both have the option to renew their lease contracts at the end of the rental period. A 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom complete house for rent in hunupitiya wattala with parking will be ideal for foreign nationals too.

In recent times, the rise in land value due to new apartments coming up for sale has created a huge demand for properties on rent. Lands for sale in Wattala are in competition from real estate developers and individual buyers. Developers are interested in building housing schemes or apartments for rent in Wattala. This suits the changing preferences for apartment living. With supermarkets, shops and banks within walking distance, Wattala is a convenient place to live. It is known as a decent neighbourhood with different ethnic groups coexisting peacefully. As leading schools are within easy access and the roads are well developed, Wattala becomes a preferred choice for real estate. The rental market that includes house rent in wattala also serves commercial interests in the form of retail space, office buildings, store rooms and warehouses. As more businesses set up here, the demand for such properties also rise.