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    Rs. 12,000 Per Month

Room for Rent Roof Top

Negombo Road Wattala

    Accommodation available for a working lady in Negombo Road Wattala front of Kandy showroom Room is on rooftop ...  more »

    Newly built 
3 Room

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    Rs. 4,000 Per Month


Wedikanda road Wattala

    fan Iorn and bordbordbord privet locker...  more »

    Newly built 

Rooms for Rent in Wattala

Wattala Sri lanka is of the many largest suburbs in Colombo. Surrounded by serene natural landscapes and concrete skyscrapers, wattala is also an area with many opportunities. For job seekers in the rural areas moving to the city, wattala is in fact, an area that they choose to stay in. Not only is it located on the A3 highway from Negombo road to Colombo, but the rent in wattala is affordable as well. On a scale of 1-10, the shared rooms, boarding rooms, and rooms for rent in the district are a 7. They are well equipped, spacious, and available for long term stays too. Most job seekers and students on temporary stays in the city are however much more interested in the rooms in wattala or annex for rent in wattala that are located close to the railway station. This way when they have to travel using public transport they can spare a few extra minutes in the morning and take their time in getting ready. 

Rooms for rent in wattala are available with a range of different facilities. Inexpensive single bedroom rooms in wattala are smaller in size and have an attached bathroom. Some of these rooms may be located in a place with a small garden, but there isn't much you can do in it. Sometimes the room owner may have restrictions over making any changes in the garden as well. However, if it is one of the many boarding rooms in wattala that you've chosen to stay in, things may be a little different. Sure you won't have the freedom and liberty as a single bedroom place built on the land for sale in wattala, but if there is a little garden you could plant something or design the walls the way you want. Yet what you can really do in fact depends on the landlord and your roommate. If you get lucky with these two, then your boarding life would definitely be a breeze! 

As a traveller in this city, the rooms for rent in the wattala area are ideal to stay in rather than in a house for rent in wattala. Especially if you are on a limited budget and backpacking around the country, this is a great alternative to invest in. So far many people have stayed in such property, but not everyone knows where the best ones are at. That is why for most people staying in such places traumatic and ugly experiences are no surprise. To find the best properties and places to stay in, always choose reliable online sites that offer this information. This way not only would you be able to avoid the horrible experiences but also ensure your stay is comfortable and affordable!